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advantages of laser work on tubes and open profiles 2D versus 3D
our capabilities why choose SAEY 2D buislasersnijden vs 3D buislasersnijden

  3D versus 2D = angled wall

With a 2D laser, you can make an oblique cut, but the wall will still be cut straight.

With a 3D laser, the wall is also cut at the desired angle.

  benefits of 3D laser cutting

3D has many advantages when it comes to welding. No matter what welding technique is used, it is very important to ensure that the joints are precise and uniform. This makes it possible to achieve an even welded joint much faster, perhaps automatically with a welding robot. The result is a clean finish without the problems caused by the use of extra welding material.

    2 tube ends are WELDED TOGETHER
    (e.g. for pipe work)

The angled tube wall enables you to make a deep, strong welded joint without protruding material. The deep penetrating joint is still very strong even after de-flashing.

    Tubes/profiles PENETRATING EACH
    OTHER at an angle other than 90°


With 2D is there only one point of support on one side of the wall.

With 3D, the entire thickness of the wall forms a support, which results in a uniform, very close and firm joint.

    T-joints for ROUND tubes

With 2D you need a thicker welded joint, but with 3D the weld is generally close and even.

    Making a COUNTERSUNK HOLE for a bolt
    or screw
now also on open profiles!


With 2D you have to do this afterwards. With 3D, it can be done as part of a single process.